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What is DEx?

DEx is an online service for secure and easy exchange of business documentation, such as payrolls, individual contracts, bonusees, annual leave etc., to your employees.

With DEx you can successfully optimize your business, increase the productivity of your personnel and financial services or offer your clients an advanced digital solution for sending sensitive documents.

In accordance with GDPR

Automated process of importing and sending documents

Payrolls, individual contracts, bonusees, annual leave…

Access via computer or mobile phone

Email notifications for newly received documents

Document archive for each employee

Access via secure HTTPS connection

TLS 1.2 protocol with 256-bit encryption of all documents

Automatic electronic signing of documents

Who is DEx service for?

For small, medium and large companies who want to simplify and optimize the operations of their HR and financial services and ensure secure and easy electronic exchange of documents in accordance with all current data protection regulations.

For accounting services and HR agencies who want to facilitate their operations while offering their clients an advanced digital solution in accordance with all current data protection regulations.

Urška Brance
Magles d.o.o.

Since we are a medium-sized company, we have quite a few documents that need to be prepared for our employees. The Dex system greatly simplifies and clarifies the work, since documents are easily loaded into the system, employees receive mail notification about new document and from that moment they can see and review it. It is also very handy as the documents remain archived and you can look at them at any time.

How does it work?

DEx simplifies the process of exchanging documentation between financial/administrative department and employees. We are aware that the delivery of documentation such as payrolls, individual contracts, bonusees, annual leave etc., is a time-consuming process, which, however, must comply with all data protection regulations. With DEx, we have made it simple for administrators to send documents and for employees to access their documents anytime, anywhere.

Individual approach

Before first use, our technicians will adapt the DEx system, so it can read exported files from your accounting/ERP software. You can automatically import data into DEx via exported .PDF, .DOCX, .XLSX … files. Your existing accounting/ERP software does not need any additional modification, and you only need a web browser to use DEx.

Automated process

DEx creates an electronically signed document from the imported file and distributes it to an employee’s DEx account. All documents are encrypted with TLS 1.2 protocol with 256-bit encryption!


Administrator imports in DEx a .PDF file containing the payroll of all workers. DEx’s smart algorithm detects individual payrolls within the entire document and creates an electronically signed payroll for each employee. With DEx delivery of payrolls can be completed in less than a minute with just a few clicks. Employees can view or download the created .PDF document at any time on their preferred device.

Notifications of received documents

Each employee creates a user account on the DEx website through which he accesses the archive of his documents. When an administrator uploads a new document for an employee, he or she is notified by email.

Required software

DEx only requires an internet access and a web browser. Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Safari.


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