DEx - Digital, Effortless and Secure

Dex is a system for secure and effortless digital exchange of documents from your company to your employees or customers.

Forget about paying fees for GDPR violations. Save time, build trust, demonstrate responsibility and safety.

Secure and GDPR Compliant

GDPR compliance is NECESSARY nowadays. Secure business operations showcase your responsibility and seriousness. Your customers will notice. First impressions count, that is certain.​

Effortless and Traceable

Easy solution that meets all legal requirements. It enables traceability and history overview for important documents and their users.

Modern, Fast, Digital

COVID-19 showed us how important it is to be in step with the digitalization. DEx will enable you to give more time to customers insted of business operations.


For the CEO

Imagine an inspector knocks on your door and asks about the GDPR compliance of personal data protection in your company.

You know, sensitive personal data, transfer of documents, traceability of transfer, storage,… and of course high fines for infringements.

 Using DEx makes such a scenario impossible. DEx guarantees GDPR compiance, security, traceability and ease of use.

Your employees no longer have an excuse for not receiving a document, not reading a document, not knowing. All the important documents are transfered to your employees or customers digitally and safely.

Responsibility and security are key values of a business checked by customers. Which values does your company demonstrate?


For the HR Manager

Imagine that you know for certain at each moment for each employee, which documents they have received and signed for and when?

Every time a CEO calls you, you have all the information available and a click away. Every month when pay slips need to be delivered to the employees you are relaxed and with a few clicks all the employees get their document in a digital, secure and GDPR compliant manner and you get feedback that the documents were received.

No more fear of inspecotrs and quickly accessible reports for the CEO when he might need them.

DEx delivers security, your calmness and more time for strategic HR tasks.


For CTO and Accounting

How important is it that the documents are organized? Imagine having all the important documents, that employees need to sign, sent quickly and in an organized and GDPR-comliant manner?

You have an overview and reports can be produced in minutes as all the information is accesible and a click away.

Spend you precious time doing the important things, feel calm and relaxed. All this can be achieved with DEx – organized, digital, secure, fast and effortless.

How to get DEx for your company?

A short introduction into DEx.
Test DEx on realistic examples.
We answer your questions about your specific needs.
We create accounts and distribute access to DEx to your employees.
Secure, GDPR compliant and effortless.

Which solutions are included in DEx?

GDPR compliance
Effortless and automated importing and sending of documents
Quick access with a computer or a mobile device
Secure access over HTTPS
All the sent documents are protected wit hthe TLS 1.2 protocol and 256-bit encryption.
Automated electronic signing of the documents.
Email notifications to recipient about new documents.
Transparent archive of documents for each employee or customer accessible at any time.

Try out DEx?

Entrust us with the data and try out DEx. SECURE, EFFORTLESS AND GDPR COMPLIANT.